Inspirational Vernal Equinox

What’s most refreshing about spring is nature guiding the way, leading by example of how to shed the old and welcome the new!

Cherry Blossoms or Sakura are a bright, beautiful, pink indication spring is here to stay. The Japanese trees bloom for about 2 weeks and as the flower petals fall away they make way for the leaves to come.

The equinox is especially important because it marks the day where we have the exact same amount of daylight as we do nighttime – anywhere in the world! It really is a good time for a fresh start. As we in the northern hemisphere move towards longer days and warmer weather, you’ll find more daytime hours for spring, cleaning, your favorite hobbies, catching up with friends and exploring your city.

One thing is for sure, I’ll be baking and spending time with my indoor garden. I find I am extremely inspired by the colors and smell of foliage. Foliage inspires the aesthetic for my baking, for the other forms of art I create and for my designs in general.

How will you be inspired by the vernal equinox? What will you create?

Instagram coming soon..

peace, cam


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